About Me

I was almost named after a guy who underwent a sex change.  When my mother learned  “his” new name, noting that it was the same as the one they had chosen for me, she changed it.  Close call!  I’ve discovered lately that I love to write, and that one of the gifts I can offer the world is to provide proof that there is someone out there who is crazier than they are. You’re welcome.

To prove it, I’ll admit right now that I sing along out loud to my iPod while riding my bike.  I have underwear older than my 14-year-old daughter, I own two glue guns, and I love the side salads at Outback.  I rarely sign a paper that isn’t returned with some kind of food stain, I’m not above reading a smutty romance novel during a beach vacation, and I’ve never been skinny dipping in the South China Sea.  (The Mediterranean on the other hand, is lovely in the spring.)  I learned the hard way that “Pay It Forward” is a poor movie choice when searching for a good “pick-me-up”, and I firmly believe that there is a time and a place for tole painted geese and that it ended about twenty years ago. 

So, welcome to my blog.  May you find joy and validation here.