Sunday, February 4, 2007

Wow - could this be more random?

You know what I miss are those shows with the psychics that connect with people “on the other side” to send messages to the skeptics in the audience. It’s not just the psychics that used to crack me up, but the messages that the people “on the other side” would send to their loved ones that were sitting there. The psychic and the audience member would engage in this long process of figuring out who’s trying to say something, who they’re saying it to, and the final climaxing moment of truth has something to do with the fact that this person on the other side has been longing for you to know that they have always hated the couch you picked out. It would go a little like this…

Psychic: “Is there someone over here with an Albert, or an Allen – somebody with an ‘Al’…”
Audience Member: (Raises her hand) “My husband’s brother’s boss had a bird named Alfonso that would cry ‘Ally Ally Oxen free’ in the middle of the night’.”
P: “Was it yellow?”
AM: (Starting to tear up, no longer skeptical) “Yes.” (Whispering to her friend, “How’d he KNOW that?”)
P: “Has the bird passed?”
AM: “Yes, killed in a tragic debacle with a siamese.”
P: “I see. (Pause) I’m sensing some little tray in the corner of his cage…there’s small little round things in it…maybe it’s a food tray or a bird bath with bubbles…did he have something like that?”
AM: “Yes.”
P: “I also see a letter ‘A’ on it, is that right?”
AM: “Yes – his boss had a party for the bird’s first birthday and we gave him an engraved food tray as a gift.”
P: “Okay. (Pause – thinking hard) The bird is coming through and he wants you to know…he wants you to know that he hated that tray. He was allergic to stainless steel and was glad the siamese took him quickly.”

The whole exchange would likely be followed up with a meeting in a private room behind the scenes where tears would be shed and testimonials given about how they would never doubt a psychic again. Ah yes, those were good times.

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