Monday, March 12, 2007

Winter Games in 2007

A couple of weeks ago we took our kids to Winter Park ski resort for the weekend. We put the kids in ski school for the first time, a commitment we made after we (and by "we" I mean Cory) tried to teach them by ourselves last year. And lest I leave you with the notion that we are that cool kind of Colorado family who gallivants off to the woods every winter for sporty activity let me just say this: while I legitimately enjoyed skiing throughout my college years, it has turned into an activity for me that I somewhat liken to childbirth. I only do it about every four years, and every time I go back my starry-eyed recollections of poetic movements through fresh powder (or using my analogy, like rocking a cuddly baby to sleep) explode into the reality of uncomfortable boots and inherited bad knees (or Sitz baths, teething, and potty training).

Anyway, on day two Samantha wanted to go back for more but Drew was not as enthusiastic. So, he and I stayed at the hotel while Cory and Samantha headed out for more. Later when we went to pick them up we found ourselves waiting for a while. That's when Drew invented this great game that I wanted to share with you, just in case your own children are ever at a loss for ways to challenge your game-playing stamina:

Drew: Hey Mom, I'm gonna try to get you to say "green" okay?
Kristy: OK.
D: What color is the sky?
K: Blue.
D: What color is the snow?
K: White.
D: What color are the trees?
K: Green!
D: Ha ha! I made you say green! Now, I'm gonna try to get you to say "red". What color are cars?
K: Red.
D: Ha ha! I made you say it! Now..."brown". What color are branches?
K: "Dirt"
D: What?
K: Branches are the same color as dirt.
D: Oh right, and what color is that?
K: Brown.
D: Ha ha! I made you say it! Now Mom, today the color of the sky is actually gray, and I'm gonna try to get you to say "gray". What color are trees?
K: Green.
D: The sky?
K: Blue.
D: Moooom! TODAY it's GRAY! Okay, now "white" - what color is snow?
K: Cloud color
D: And clouds are white so I MADE YOU SAY IT! Ha ha!
K: Hey Drew?
D: What?
K: I think I'm done playing this game.

Someday I'll be begging him to talk to me at all. In the meantime, I'll write stuff like this down...just in case I forget.


Anonymous said...

At least he wasn't trying to get you to say something nasty...!

Kerri said...

I get the jinx thing all the time. "Hey Mama, what's your name?" And then she says it at the same time I do and gets really mad when I won't not say anything until someone says my name (Mama). I'm sure she's hoping to get away with something while I "can't talk". Someday I'll probably regret "not talking" so she can have some fun with it. Or not.....