Saturday, March 17, 2007

For these are the things Jesus taught

My children and I have been asked to sing in church tomorrow with a couple of other parents and their kids. The song is, “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus.” My job? To make sure my kids know the first verse and get them to church tomorrow half an hour early (8:30 AM that is, for the love of all that is good and righteous on a Sunday morning it should not include getting to church before nine.) So anyway, after dinner but before bedtime and in between baths and showers and trying to put the finishing touches on my lesson while cleaning up dinner and fetching Drew’s newly washed jammies from the dryer we sat down with the CD to memorize the first verse of this song when SUDDENLY, Drew’s canker sore became so unbearably painful that he flipped over on his stomach, flailed his arms, and identified a pain so excruciating that it rendered him unable to sing.

FYI – I have a patience meter, and it doesn’t function after 8 PM. So I said, “Drew, so help me we are going to sing about trying to be like Jesus or I will go in your room right now and start picking out toys to give away.” He sat up. I pushed “PLAY”.

I’m trying to be like Jesus…” Drew, are you singing? If not, I’m starting it over.
I’m following in His way…” Drew, stop kicking me with your feet.
I’m trying to love as He did…” CORY!!! I need your help!
In all that I do and say…” Would you please sit UP?
At times I am tempted to make a wrong choice….”

I played it through once and called it good. Samantha knows the words, Drew doesn’t. I’m still supposed to learn the 2nd verse. Jesus would be so impressed.


Paige said...

I'm sure it will go fine. Well, I'm not SURE, but it will PROBABly be just fine. Maybe the other parents know it really well and then it won't matter if Drew is singing or not.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about the kids looking cute anyway? That is what I held on to for the primary programs!

Kerri said...

And as is always the case, you all did a wonderful job despite how much your child tried to make you think it would stink! :) Having spent 8 long...did I say long...years in Primary, I can tell you this is an often sung song and he probably actually knew all the words anyway. Awww, motherhood. Bet Jesus was just watching and having a good laugh.

Kira said...

There is a REASON Jesus didn't have kids.