Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Has (almost) Sprung

According to my news station, spring officially starts at 6:07pm tonight. Finally, when my children ask me for the 684th time, "Is it Spring yet?" I can answer with a resounding "YES!" I would also like to mention that OPERATION: Free The Carolers has reached a peaceful resolution. A few weeks ago the only thing left holding these suckers into the ground was some relentless ice. It was a rather pathetic sight:

They have since been rescued, but I decided that it was time for them to find a new home. Luckily, there's a great place southeast of here that offers a great location with wide open spaces:

And speaking of Spring, the weather has been fantastic and so I have resumed outdoor exercise. Namely, running. Yesterday when I went out for a run I came up next to a school bus at the traffic light and realized that Samantha was on that bus on her way to a field trip! I found her wave, then pretended to race the bus when the light turned green. I lost. Shocking. Anyway, I only ran about 2.5 miles and when I felt like I was only a few breaths away from leaving the earth forever, I reached home. Later, while sharing my sentiments with my friend Jill about how running had to be invented by the devil I said, "But it feels good afterward." She replied, "Yeah, well I feel good after eating a hot fudge sundae too!" Someone who hates running more than I do - I think that's why we're friends.

Anyway, when you hear the angels singing and light bursting from the heavens above at 6:07 tonight, you'll know what it's about. Welcome Spring!


Anonymous said...

Halleluja!!!!!! (I hope I spelled that right!)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with you for running even though you hate it. I don't think I'll ever get there, my hatred is to deep. Luckily I found other forms of excercise that I don't mind so much. So it works out. Anyway, I love Spring! Best time of year by far.


Paige said...

I hate running WAY more than you do. So much so, that I don't do it.
Those poor carolers.

Kerri said...

I'm mourning the demise of the Carolers :(. And I'm thinking how I would never do an exercise I hated. You are a wonder. Or crazy. Probably both.

Anonymous said...

Ok you told me to comment here, so I hope everyone else doesn't think this is strange. To quote Emi, "I don't care, anything is fine." She obviously likes Harry Potter. Costumes and dramtic stuff is good. Movies are usually a hit. Arts and crafts (think minimal for me please!) are good too. She is also very girlie of late, liking cool hats and accessories. I hope this helps! Thanks!