Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clifford, the Big Red God

Not too far from where we live there is a costume store. Even though they are in business year round, it is only during these festive months at the onset of Halloween that they dress people up like Frankenstein and Cher and throw them out on the street to promote their business and scare new move-ins.

But today I drove several miles away to take Drew to baseball practice and out of nowhere on the street corner was someone dressed up as Clifford . I looked around for some kind of strip mall that might have a costume store, but the only thing on this street corner was the "Peace With Christ" Lutheran Church. I looked across the street; nothing but single family homes. I looked on the other side of the church; condos. So I can't say what kind of dire situation might have caused Clifford to leave his sanctuary on Birdwell Island, but it must have been for a good reason. I figure with Barney being loathable despite his peppy songs and the Teletubbies orientation being in question, at least we can rest assured knowing that Clifford is apparently a Christian.


Anonymous said...

Good to know!

Heather said...


Anonymous said...

Emily Elizabeth will now sleep better at night.


Lucas said...
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Lucas said...

hahaha your profile is by and large my favorite one to read. Hey, at least clifford isn't Buddhist, otherwise, many children would be watching while performing yoga and centering their chi!

I wish i had your wit =) oh, and you're welcome for the age reminders! hahaha

Mr. People know me.

ganelle said...
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