Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The computer and I, we have been on a break. But thanks to some friends in the I.S. department at Cory's work, we are back together. Much like any dysfunctional relationship, there were moments when we were apart that I stood awkwardly in the middle of the room looking from left to right, taking note of all the things that I could be doing with this new allotment of time, but found myself unable to commit. Co-dependency works like that. So anyway, WE are back, and I have a few thoughts that have accumulated over the last few days.

First: Why is the middle school asking me to volunteer to chaperone their first dance of the year? And if I say "yes", why does that feel like contributing to the delinquency of a minor? And why does my daughter want to go? Buying a training bra, starting to wear make-up, spending more time with friends, getting braces, these are all things I am prepared to handle. SCHOOL DANCES??? I'd rather rub my butt with a brick.

Second: At the beginning of my sugar fast back in October, I relinquished a monstrous bag of recently purchased chocolate chips from Costco to Cory and asked him to hide them from me. The sugar fast has been over for two months. We still can't find that bag.

Third: I've decided to run a marathon. On a moving walkway. As soon as someone organizes that.


JustRandi said...

I my crystal ball, I see many many school dances in your future. But truthfully, Sam might be more entertained by the brick thing. And I say that with all the love of an experienced middle school dance chaperone.

Heather said...

Butt and Brick... where do you come up with this stuff? Good luck finding the bag of cookies.

Brittany said...

Glad you're back! I think Sam is going to realize soon that middle school dances are LAME anyway - my memory of the only one I went to consists of not dancing while staring across the room at the boys who were also not dancing. Maybe they should call it a Stand.

ganelle said...

I too have chaperoned a middle school dance - as a teacher, not a parent. It was fine until one of my students asked me to slow dance. What exactly is the proper thing to do in that situation? Anyway, I say, as long as no pimple-laden prepubescents ask you to dance, your go!

ginger said...

Dances! I forgot about the middle school dances. I thought it was bad enough that we have a sock hop thing in elementary school, when it doesn't even count. Oh I am so not looking forward to middle school! (I guess that is why I was blessed to have 6th grade in elementary still)

Pauly said...


I'm of no help with the dance thing. Good luck with that.

Two questions:
1. Have you thoroughly checked the kids rooms for the AWOL chips?

2. Your idea for the moving sidewalk marathon - would that involve running with or against the flow?

With would be majorly wimpy. Against would be really cool - it would severely punish you for resting.

Kerri said...

Dances in middle school?!?!?! I already told her she couldn't go to those, but if Sam does......She asked me a year or so ago how old she had to be to walk to school by herself. I recall saying something about college. I'm not ready for this stuff next year.

"Vern" said...

pauly: seriously, given everything you know about me, which direction do you THINK I would be referring to on the moving walkway? I'm not as cool as your wife, remember?

Anonymous said...

Is said butt have any clothes on?? Shay took Josh out of school early because his middle school dance was mandatory. Go figure. I think I lucked out because my first experience with middle school will be with Tanner and I don't think dances will be high on the to do list.