Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dear Dad, Thank you...

…for coming to my high school basketball games and yelling almost as loud as mom.
…for pretending you liked Wile E. Coyote as much as we thought you did.
…for hating to discipline us, but loving us enough to do it anyway.
…for insisting that the guy selling you the used car fill out the proper sale amount on the paperwork, even though he was trying to do you a favor by reducing it. You didn’t believe in favors unless they involved integrity.
…for loving Tim Conway.
…for teaching summer school so many years in a row because we needed the money. In case you wondered if anyone noticed besides mom, we did.
…for going to college.
…for saying "bollocks" and "aaaaaaargh!" and "ghe-mi-ga-shu-maaaaahhhhhh!" When you were mad, usually while working on cars, instead of…other things.
…for the killer song machine you gave me for my 21st birthday, and for drilling a hole in the dashboard to install it so it could be heard effectively throughout my college town.
…for always wanting to do the right thing.
…for being the kind of high school biology teacher that never ate out, and instead ate in his classroom with the doors open for any students who might need a listening ear or just a place to go.
...for thinking that $15 for a shirt is a ripoff.
…for leading a group of family and friends in a rousing rendition of “I’m A Yankee Doodle Dandee” in the airport with banjos and red, white & blue Styrofoam hats when coming to pick me up after my first airpline flight, which fell on the fourth of July. (For those of you who know me, but not my father, does this help explain things?)
…for regularly telling us that you loved us. We could always tell when you’d had a particularly hard night in the Bishop’s office. You would walk in the door, half hunched over with strain written into your forehead and interrupt “Knight Rider” to make sure we knew it. We did. We do. I love you too Dad. Happy Father’s Day.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Kristy; So here I sit reading your blog with tears in my eyes and that makes my nose run and ...(excuse me while, that was close...who hid the tissue box?) being grateful for the blessing you "kids" have been in our lives. It has been especially rewarding recently watching you blossom as you discovered your latent writing that you could bring tears to my eyes on this Fathers Day. Dear Kristy, You are Welcome!

Heather said...

Awww... how sweet!! {the post and the comment}

PS I would have loved to see the airport banjo concert. How old were you????

Mom of Three said...

I think the best part of this blog is your dad's comment. No wonder you are such a great person!

Vern said...

heather: I was 17!

Rachey said...

One of my favorite grandpa sayings is, "I'm all crapped out" which apparently is some kind of gambling reference, but I didn't know that when I was a little kid and it always made me giggle.

Da Bergs said...

Omigosh, your dad's response!!! How sweet, no wonder you are who you are!!!

ganelle said...


Love the blog entry. Love your dad's comment.

Kerri said...

Reading this made me wish I could write something to my dad that would get through entirely. Having my parents visiting right now, plaqued with dementia, my dad robbed of the ability to read one of his books because he can't focus well anymore (that's where Rachel gets her love of reading), unable to follow conversations of any length....well, you are blessed to be able to tell your dad this and he for being able to "hear" it. What a sweet, endearing post and comment.

Heather said...

Apparently I don't have your email address.... hence no invite to my crappy party.

AND I tried to look you up, but there are way to many K.S. do you go by Vern??

AND another thing... you don't have to lie about not having any pull in the giveaways. I realize that you just thought someone else was more deserving of the icecream.

Jenn said...

Silly question: how do you put a link in your blog entry that says something like "this" instead of the http://.... blah blah blah?

b. said...

I think I love your dad!