Monday, January 12, 2009

Proud Parenting

I'm on such a parenting roll lately, it just seems like I should share my insight. First, we taught our son to fight more while playing basketball. Then last week, I noticed that along with a very cute outfit that my daughter had put together to wear to church, she was wearing a shirt under the sweater that was showing through.
"How does this look?" she asked.
"Cute," I said. "Except that shirt underneath looks a little funny."
"But if I don't wear it, it's too cold."
"Honey, don't you know that looks are more important than comfort?"
Her mouth dropped open, I laughed, said I was kidding and she lost the shirt. It was a tender moment.

Just now we were in the kitchen and Samantha asked how I liked her new sweatshirt.
"It's cute," I said.
"You think everything is cute."
"No I don't, I hate that shirt you're wearing underneath it."
Then she hit me. And I laughed really hard, because I thought I was hilarious and so I came in here to write about it. She followed me, so I asked her to leave. She said no and asked if I was coming in to write about her. I said no. I lied. I'm telling you, there should be a gold plaque somewhere with my name on it.


ganelle said...

I hear they are taking nominations at Give it a go!

Sherise said...

Hey, you'd get MY vote for Mother of the Year!

Kerri said...

Today I told Rachel how much I liked the new, more grown-up tops she was wearing that she got for Christmas instead of so many tee shirts. She told me EVERYONE wears mostly tee shirts and she REALLY likes them, too. Oh. My bad.

Randi said...

Why send your kids to school, when they are clearly getting a real education at home!?!

Jillybean said...

Whenever my kids do something that I find funny/weird/irritating, the first thing they say is "You're not going to put this on your blog are you?"
Sometimes i will use it as a threat. "Stop doing that or I'll write about it on my blog!"

Aimee said...

My kids don't even have a choice. I will write about whatever they have been doing so I can have my one sided therapy session. And I think I am very funny, no one else does, but who cares!!

I'll vote for you for mother of the year, don't worry!

Heather said...

Ummm... they can't give you a gold plaque because we all know you'd just melt it down and buy yourself a bagel. ;)

Vern said...

Heather: THAT was funny. I'm never going to live that down am I?

Heather said...

never ever!

Anonymous said...

That is why we shouldn't let our kids read our blogs.

No, I NEVER write about you. I'm just writing about...the weather.