Monday, January 25, 2010

Five Dollar Fedora

While getting Drew ready to take a field trip with a friend this morning I handed him a ten dollar bill.

"Here's some money to get in. You will only need about half that so bring back the change."
"Awww, man! I can't buy any toys at the gift shoppe?"
"What if I'm hungry and I need food?"
"That's why I packed you a lunch."
"But, what if they have fedoras for five bucks?"
"Okay, if they are selling fedoras for five dollars at the gift store then you may buy one."

He was satisfied after that. I love it when they think they win.


rocslinger said...

I'm trying to picture it. Drew the ninja warrior supreme decked out in a fedora, maybe, nah.

Elisa said...

I was really hoping that story would end with him coming home with a five dollar fedora. Oh well.

Lorie said...

So am I a total Idaho hick? What the heck is a FEDORA??????????????

superpaige said...

Did he come home with a fedora?

ganelle said...

You never know what might be on clearance!

What kills me is that he WANTS a fedora. Very Indiana Jones, but still!

Vern said...

Lorie: Yes, you are a total Idaho hick but we love you anyway. Just google "fedora" and you'll be up to speed. Wait, you have internet, right?

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Seriously the funniest family I know! You should get your own reality show!

Now...what would they call it?

Bethany said...

Love it. Funny stuff. Love you. Miss you.

Kerri said...

I have to admit, I totally expected the story to end with him bringing home a fedora. I'm a little bummed.

Mom of Three said...

Now wouldn't it be funny if he came home with one!