Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Because I Don't Do Twitter And You Can't Make Me

Hey, just because I took a "Are You A Chocoholic?" quiz on the comcast homepage and noticed that they misspelled "Ghirardelli" does NOT mean I have a problem.

Does it?


jksfam said...

That's like a few weeks ago, on FB someone was complaining about Pillsbury brownie mix and I said that Betty Crocker was better and that Ghirardelli was even better and double checked the spelling on the dark chocolate/raspberry squares in my desk drawer... No problem here!

just call me jo said...

Heck no! As a retired English teacher, I commend your skills. I struggle with spelling so I admire your ability. Maybe you are just a tad skewed toward the area of chocolate, but that doesn't make you a bad person unless your whole vocab revolves around cocoa treats.
It doesn't, does it? ;o)

Jill said...

You would never guess your spelling is so good, considering you have to cheat at scrabble.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

It could be one of two things:

A. You have eaten too much chocolate and the words are starting to scramble.

2. Your a spaz!

p.s. let's do lunch...and eat chocolate cake at the end of it!

ganelle said...

I think it speaks more to your compulsive issues over misspelled words than your compulsive issues with chocolate.

'Course, that's coming from me.

rocslinger said...

You cheat at scrabble?

Either my whole world has been turned upside down or my esteem for you has risen.

I think both.

Vern said...

rocslinger: It depends - if I am playing against Kettie and there is a way to cheat, I would probably do it because Kettie is ridiculously hard to beat. With Jill however, cheating really isn't necessary.

Kerri said...

SLAM - Poor Jill. In answer to your question.....Yes.

EmWatts said...

No. It actually means you may have a career in proofreading.