Monday, November 1, 2010

Tidbits From Dix: On Sewage Envy

Sorry, are you guys sick of me talking about my Dad?  I can't help myself.  When I wake up to emails like this, what's a girl with a Dad without a blog to do?
"You know how sometimes you just feel inadequate, or you just wish you had something really cool to show off to everybody else but you just don't?  Well, today in the paper I saw an article that made me feel like...well...maybe I'm not such a loser after all.  There is a picture (and I am not making this up) with the following caption: 'Sewage treatment plant operator Joe Polzin shows off a bucket of dried sludge.'"

I try not to be a prideful person, so I asked myself....If I had a bucket of dried sludge, would I show it off?  Would people with bigger or nicer buckets try to show me up?  Would their sludge be drier than mine?  Should I smile or look presidential next to the sludge?

Is there a possible reality show here..."Dancing In The Sludge"or "American Sludge"....So many questions!!  But, I have to hand it to Joe Polzin.  If ever anybody deserved to have his picture in the paper with a bucket of dried sludge, Joe is the man!!  Fair Warning Joe...Pride Goeth Before The Fall!!" ~Dad
 I was curious and googled the article.  Here is the picture of Joe with his sludge:

Sadly, he chose not to smile OR look Presidential.  He seems more like, "Who knew I'd have to muddle through so much crap just to get my picture in the paper?"  Or maybe he was silently chanting, "Only 2 more years 'til retirement.  Only 2 more years 'til retirement."  Uh oh, has anyone told Joe that his 401K is probably full of crap too?!   


Patty Ann said...

You know, you reminded me that envy in any form isn't good for us. I think it might just all be about the sewage. Thanks for sharing. We can be so competitive and so inconsiderate of each other sometimes. Thanks for posting (although, I really could have done without the pic!)

just call me jo said...

Well, your dad is cuter than baby pigs. What a funny contemplation. A bucket of dried sludge, eh. Is it good for ferlizing something or making some bio-fuel? Come on, Joe. Smile!

ganelle said...

I don't know, he's looking pretty excited to me.

Only two more years - yeah, that's what I thought two years ago!

Jodi said...

You know, I was feeling really down about my job today but when I read about Joe I realized that life could be a lot worse. Thanks to Dix for improving my day!!

Stefani said...

This is Beautiful! :D

Adventures In China said...

Your dad is awesome.

After living in a huge Chinese city with an inadequate sewage system, I appreciate his job a lot! Nothing like sewage running right below your feet-- it smells as bad as you'd imagine.

Lisa Loo said...

Have my adoption papers come through yet?????