Monday, December 12, 2011

Even Better Than A Cardboard Elvis

Two days ago I made a discovery.  Or rather the internet made a discovery.  Actually, the way it started was someone made a delicious recipe, and then they told the Taste of Home magazine in 2008, and then my SIL found it last month, and then she told her blog who then told ME.  Kind of like one of those gossip exercises where you all sit in a circle and one person whispers to the person next to them, "Vern's blog is hilarious" and you continue around and by the time you get to the last person they're like, "Your fern's dog is nefarious?" and everyone learns their lesson about spreading gossip.  Except at the end of this you get cookies.

The point is, my sister-in-law doesn't share stuff unless it's amazing, so when she posted a link to Peppermint Meltaways I knew we needed to make them.  Samantha had to take a treat to school for a meeting today so we decided to try this recipe out.  The result was a revelation.  People, these were so good.  They were even better than finding my boyfriend's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Better than California Adventure at night,

Drew discovering FaceGoo,
or Samantha getting her braces off.
 Better than the kids meeting Elvis,

seeing Samantha in my wedding dress,
or Drew getting the help he needs.

The only problem with these little gems is that they are bite-size (like "fun size" on Atkins) so it's easy to eat 3 or 4.  Or 7.  I saved 9 of them to give to a friend for her birthday because that's how many fit perfectly in the box, then proceeded to put them in the fridge so I wouldn't be tempted.  There are 4 left.  Hey Cheryl, wanna go to lunch instead?  Moral of the story:  Go here, and make these.  You'll thank me later.


Kristina P. said...

SO, you're saying these are good? :) Should I make them next year for my cookie exchange?

anitamombanita said...

I spent the entire day baking cookies. I thought about making those cuz I saw your SIL's post too...but glad I didn't cuz they'd all be gone already. They DO look amazing though, so I may have to do some more baking before the week is over.

violyngirl said...

Nice pointy sleeves on the wedding dress. Where can I get some? Samantha looks beautiful with her braces off and Drew looks like Cory.

The End.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

That's too hard and I'm too tired. Can you just send me some?

Garden of Egan said...

I'm sorta sad that I popped in here tonight.
I'm tired.
I don't wanna cook.
But then I saw these and now I know I must.
They look devine.
They have my favorite ingredients....sugar and peppermint.

OK. I'll make them .
But don't EVER post a recipe again.
If you do, please post only icky ones.

Hope your week is great!

Anonymous said...

Just what I need. More scrumptious cookies to stuff in my pie hole!

beanstocks said...

Can't wait to try them! You're kids are so grown up! Samantha looks beautiful.

Buffy said...

umm hello? it's because there is a cup of butter in them! You put a cup of butter on my shoes and they would taste good.
And i'm sorry about your wedding dress....just like I'm sorry about mine.

Lisa said...

I have to admit, I WANT TO MAKE THOSE THINGS! And that's really unlike me. I like to LOOk at food, and eat it, but when there's a recipe involved, well, things turn dark and menacing.

If I do, you'll be to thank~or blame. Whichever.

rick and cheryl said...

Um, those look divine! I must make those.