Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Frodo Saves The Day


I always want to remember what a good dad Cory is. I know I will always have a general knowledge about that being true, but sometimes there are specifics that I can’t allow to go unnoticed. Like today. It’s Friday, which means playing with a friend after school is allowed. So without much delay Samantha went searching the neighborhood for the nearest available child. It didn’t take long before she found Megan and began packing up a plastic bin full of Bratz dolls, toy cars with actual working radios, and doll clothes to cart to our house. Drew had not been quite as successful in the “finding a friend” quest and was left to consider Cory’s offer of, “Hey Drew, I’ll be your friend. Wanna play ‘Lord of the Rings’?” First of all, how sweet is that? (The offer, I mean. Not so much that Drew is familiar with “Lord of the Rings”.) Drew’s eyes lit up as he assumed the position of a grisly character wielding a sword and the two headed outside.

When Samantha and Megan returned with their baggage that could have been mistaken for Salvation Army Christmas donations, they were welcomed by Gandalf and Frodo in rare form. Cory sported his “staff”, a walking stick he collected on a camping trip we took to Trinidad, and a sword from Drew’s abundant collection. Drew was wearing his Frodo costume. (Yes, he has a costume that Cory purchased in a moment of weakness nowhere near Halloween.) So when the girls showed up, Cory quoted some valiant, brave phrase from the movie and ordered Drew to join him in charging the girls. Samantha gave Cory a look that blended a smile with a frown as if to say “I think I’m supposed to look irritated but I secretly love it”, and started to run away. Megan followed suit, and from the kitchen I watched a dad play with his kids in a way that only dads can. I looked out from the kitchen window, shook my head, and smiled to myself because I just can’t believe I’m this lucky.

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