Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Simple Life


About a week ago I decided to redecorate Drew’s room, and Saturday we took the first steps toward finishing our basement. If we were Scouts I dare say we would have earned a Home Improvement merit badge by now. During these two projects I have made an observation that is not necessarily news to anybody, but I find it amusing. And that is, that men are simpler than women.

For example, part of redecorating Drew’s room involved replacing the shade on his lamp. Since we had committed to a cowboy theme, I decided it would be brilliant to take a bandana, cut it up into pieces and use the art of “decoupage” to create a new lampshade. For those of you unfamiliar with this artform, I should explain that it is the process of adhering one object to another with enormous amounts of glue applied with a paintbrush. You paint the surface with a glue-like substance called “Mod Podge”, attach your fabric, and paint over it again. Let it dry, and voilá, you have officially decoupaged. Now, if you ask me, it seems like an awfully fancy word to say that you glued something.

Fast-forward to Saturday where we are not just transforming a twelve-inch circular surface into rustic delight, but we are actually BUILDING additional rooms in our house. We got 2x4’s, nails, hammers, screws, levels, tape measures, and circular saws, each one performing its duty exactly like it sounds. The only tool remotely confusing might be the stud finder, which as it turns out, is NOT what you take with you to a Single’s Bar.

To further my point, take the avid scrapbooker. If you were to look at any given page and ask a scrapbooker “how she did it?”, it would be completely reasonable to hear something like this:

“Well, I took the bazzil paper, ripped it along the edge, used my distress ink along the sides, cut a vellum square that I attached with brads, put the twistel through the eyelets, embellished the border with rickrack and made a title with my Sizzlits.”

Call me sexist for assuming that men are the more dominant gender to be found at Home Depot on a Saturday and women are the likelier candidates for scrapbooking, but yes, I believe men are simpler. Hallelujah. Can you imagine a basement built with raffia and glue dots?

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