Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'd like to think this will go away once school starts, but I can't promise

Some random thoughts over the past few days:

1. Will I have good skin in heaven?
2. Have you ever had an allover back hickey? See: "chinese cupping massage". Let's just say if Mick Jagger ever made out with my back I think I know what it would look like the next day.
3. Eww!
4. Is there a statute of limitations on the number of days that it's appropriate for two large tents to be set up in your neighbor's backyard that their eight kids share with their rabbit and three dogs? Just curious. Seems like a week should be long enough.
5. If I actually beat my 7-year-old at a computer game should I do the happy dance around the house or just play it cool?
6. Is it a sign of food addiction if I walked out of "Ratatouille" craving a delicious meal?


Heather said...

Seriously, if there isn't a statute of limitations on the tent city you might look into creating one.

Anonymous said...

I saw those "massages". No thanks!