Friday, August 10, 2007

Just another day at Hogwarts

Alohamora!” Drew shouted this Harry Potter spell at me as I sat at the computer this morning, checking my email.
“Morning Drew.”
“Hey Mom. Wingardium leviosa!” he commanded, waving his wand with authority. He has the full Harry Potter costume now, and has been wearing it every day lately. He sleeps in it. Yesterday he wore the full bit to the grocery store. The glasses, the cloak – he’s even rummaged through Cory’s tie collection to find a suitable replica to wear with his white church shirt so as to give the full effect. It’s like church every day here now. Except the cloak isn’t normally standard issue. Nor are the glasses. And I can’t recall the last time a magic induced spell was shouted in the chapel….
Expecto patronum!” He chanted while circling around my chair.
“Expecto patronum? What does that do?” I asked.
“It blocks the dimentors.”
Of course it does.


Anonymous said...

May the Force, umm... the Magic be with him!
P.S. I love that Drew has come to see the superiority of Harry to all other sci-fi characaters (ie: Skywalker)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world! At least he uses the nice spells!

Heather said...

I'm surprised he can pronounce all those crazy words... way to go Drew.

Paige said...

And you wouldn't want any dementors at church, would you?

Kerri said...

I LOVE how in to it he is! What a crack up.