Thursday, August 2, 2007

You see, when I say "My kids are the best", it's not just because I'm biased

One of the great things about having slightly older kids is that I don’t have to wake up when they do. It’s a fantastic benefit, particularly in the summer when we have nowhere to be before at least 9am. So instead of waking to an alarm, I am usually roused by a child in my face checking to see if I am actually still alive, an argument between two youngsters who have decided to start the day off right, or by giggling from two youngsters who have turned boredom into a game. But today I came out of my coma somewhat gradually by a recurring beeping sound. Unlike the alarm by my bed, it seemed to be originating from further away. I woke up just enough to rule out any kind of emergency and fell back asleep.
I heard it again, and fell back asleep.
Again, and then “ZZZZzzz”.
I heard it a good 38 more times before Drew came up to my room, only to order me away from the downstairs and closed my bedroom door.
“Okay. Fine. Thanks Drew. ZZZzzzz.”
Minutes later I heard the clomping sound of rushing feet ascending the stairs and arriving at my bedside. I opened my eyes to discover Samantha and Drew, standing there, smiling big and seeming very proud of themselves. “What’s this you guys?” I hoisted myself to a sitting position as they handed me a tray of freshly cooked french toast and a glass of milk. “It’s breakfast in bed!!” They replied. “Wow, you guys are awesome – what’s the occasion?” I asked. “No reason,” they said. Samantha turned and left the room, and Drew stayed long enough to watch me take a bite, content to watch the happiness that he helped create. I hugged him before he left; Samantha returned a few minutes later where she also collected a hug and retrieved my dishes.
Not a bad way to start the day.


Paige said...

and what was the state of your kitchen?

Anonymous said...

How great is that!

Anonymous said...

Any chance I could borrow your chefs for one morning of bliss?