Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rock Star

When you are talking on your cell phone to your husband on your way home and he says, "Hey, honey? Remember when you saw that sideboard green thing with the two doors on the front and the paint job that you say gives it "character" and you came home and said you just HAD to have it and I was so supportive of you?"

"What did you buy?"
"Well, I was thinking. And don't you think that should go both ways?"
"Yes, but see I actually talked to you about it first."
"Well,'s just that I really wanted it, and I was on the way home from work, and...."
"What did you buy?" And then it hit me. With it's best shot.
Guns N' Roses.
It sounds like a Valentine's Day gone terribly wrong, but in fact these are all 80's rock bands featured on the new video game Guitar Hero. He discovered it at Christmas, and has longed for it like a 12-year-old trying to save up his allowance ever since. Except he's not 12. And he doesn't get allowance. But his salary is the reason we have food on our table and a roof over our heads and a sideboard that brings me happiness on a daily basis.
"Sooo, when I walk in the door in a few minutes am I going to see you with a Guitar in your hand jamming to the Rolling Stones?"
Which meant "yes". Which means we are officially rock stars. At least our living room knows no difference. But there's more good news, because not only is this a modern day exercise in eye/hand coordination, but they give really good advice. Allow me to share a nugget we received today after a raucous rendition of "Bang Your Head" by Quiet Riot:

"When you become famous, your assistants can help you off with your leather pants. In the meantime, we suggest talcum powder."

Of course, this advice doesn't always work for everyone.


Rachey said...

Guitar Hero is amazing, I got a blister on my thumb for rocking so hard the first time I played it. I wish we could afford it! We might have to start saving up.

Kerri said...

Oh my gosh, I can totally see you and Cory playing it. And it's cracking me UP!!!!

ganelle said...

SUCH a fun game! It makes me want to ROCK!

Randi said...

We just barely got Guitar Hero too. I will tell you --I'm terrible at it.

Anonymous said...

Excersize in hand/eye coordination is just part of the benefit. I think my hips and butt got the benefit from rocking out too!

ganelle said...

I felt it more in my thighs - that rocker, half-squat position starts to burn after awhile...

Pauly said...

Once you've got this one down, you should go for Rock Band -

If making a fool of yourself playing guitar weren't enough, you can scream into a mike and bang drums too.

Vern said...

we went to a friend's house on saturday and played rock band and it was totally awesome. the drums are HARD!

Vern said...

we went to a friend's house on saturday and played rock band and it was totally awesome. the drums are HARD!

emmalily said...

Start practicing, because I am planning a Guitar Hero tournament for the next family reunion!