Friday, June 3, 2011

Senior Pictures

There seems to be a lot of graduation chitter chatter in my social circle lately that has caused me to reflect.  I remember when I was a senior in high school and I thought the whole world revolved around me.  We were top dog at that point, everyone fussing around us wondering what we were going to do next as if there were any way to top such scintillating memories such as barely getting asked to Prom and learning to drive from a guy who looked like a cross between Neil Diamond and a porn star.  I couldn't figure out what everyone was so excited about but it still went a little to my head.  I'm not anxious to illustrate how bad it got but suffice it to say that one night I went to the movies with my friends and when I saw there was a senior discount, I thought they were talking about ME.  True story.  See how smart I was by the time I graduated?

The graduation / senior chatter continued the other day when I heard some radio personalities talking about senior portraits and a website that is dedicated to the worst ones of all time.  You know I had to look them up, right?  And you know I have to post some here so you could see them too, right?  Naturally. 
Pictures:  courtesy of and 
Captions containing post high school predictions: courtesy of Moi. 

Pedro got a little cocky after he was voted President.  He did, however, make all of their dreams come true:

Once Tristan's audition for Clash of the Titans went awry he passed his time waiting tables at Chili's:

In a couple more years he'll be singing backup for Menudo:

Jeffrey Dahmer?  Is that you?

Hang Hunan became a regular contributor to the Fans of Pokemon website and holds weekly anime rallies in his basement:

Ring In His Nose's mother promised him this wouldn't end up in the yearbook.  It did.  We're pretty sure he went back to the reservation after that.

Rick never made it to the NFL.  He still attends the high school football games.

Ronnie is now 42.  He has never had a girlfriend but he has seen "Sixteen Candles" so he's halfway there.  He's hoping to find his soul mate at the next Comic-Con convention.

Eric drowned in the Caribbean.  He forgot to shut his mouth and take off the tux.  His parents were devastated.


Jes said...
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Kristina P. said...

Ha! These are hilarious! What are these guys thinking?

Mortensen Baby Farm said... you get up in the morning just thinking of ways to make me laugh? I really appreciate really!

My face hurts from laughing!

Vanessa said...

I think you should post yours...Anonymous

Lani Wendt Young said...

Another really funny way to start my day thank you!. And the bit about the Senior discount at the movies? ROFL. yes, so glad u got way more smarter.

Love it.

ganelle said...

U really thought the senior discount was for you?!? That is hysterical! Did u think the HOV lane was for u when u were pregnant too???

Kerri said...

Your dad did his best teaching you to drive. I wonder if it bothers him that you compare him to something between Neil Diamond and a porn! jkg

Chelsea B. said...

Oh my gosh! So funny and horrible all at the same time.

Vern said...

Kerri: I wasn't referring to my Dad!!!! I was talking about my Driver's Ed teacher in high school who was a Creeper, back in the day when we had Driver's Ed teachers.

Garden of Egan said...

No. Seriously.
Please tell me these are NOT real!

How do people survive to be this age without being Darwined?

Jill said...

I think you should post yours and Cory's so we can see his cool 80's hair

anitamombanita said...

OK, I'm wayyyy behind on my blog-stalking. This is hilarious...and Rick, who never did make it to the NFL...he still has his paper route... you're so dang funny Vern!