Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Queen of Denial

Last night on the phone my friend asked, “So, how are you doing with the whole school starting and Drew beginning Jr. High thing?”  I responded maturely by essentially jamming my fingers in my ears and yelling, “LA LA LA!”  For now, and for the next 3 weeks until my glorious summer comes to a bitter halt, denial is my friend.  Hey, it worked for OJ.

The unfortunate part where denial goes in the crapper is when you’re sitting in the DMV and they call off your daughter’s name to get her picture taken for her permit.  I was like, “What?  I thought this was the line for Panda Express.  My bad.”  I should have remembered that Panda Express doesn’t require a copy of your birth certificate.  A few minutes later I got confused again when a dude on his cell phone started cussing as if representing both sides of an argument between two Jersey Shore cast members.  I couldn’t decide if I was being Punk’d or had been transported into an episode of “COPS”, but the guy was seriously out of control.  Cory told him to watch his language or take his call outside and that’s when everyone else began protesting and he was quickly kicked out.  Welcome to the DMV!  “Samantha?” the lady behind the desk called out.  It was finally her turn to pose in front of the blue tarp – she proceeded to snap the cutest picture to ever grace a government issued ID and we handed her the keys to drive home.  That’s when Denial got up out of its chair and said, “It’s been nice knowing you” and I gripped the armrests for the next 7 miles. 

Denial betrayed me once again earlier this morning.  I had just come home from taking Samantha to cross country practice and I peeked in to check on Drew, still asleep.  As I poked my head around the corner and surveyed the scene, I had to blink a few extra times to focus.  The boy in this bed wasn’t mine – his legs nearly extended to the footboard, his torso curved around the middle, and with an arm dangling over the side and his head propped in blissful rest, this boy’s body filled up that entire space.  He couldn’t possibly be mine.

My boy is growing.
My girl is driving. 
My head is spinning.

Three weeks left. 


anitamombanita said...

First off, good for Corey! Second, good for you for letting the newly permitted Samantha drive you home. It's all good. If we fought every change that comes our way we'd never get to where we're supposed to go. Enjoy the rest of your summer. xoxo

just call me jo said...

I got a bit sad just remembering those days. They pass no matter how much denying you do. I'm sorry to tell you they never return again. Never!!

Kristina P. said...

Ahh, the fun teenage years. Good luck!

Kiffon said...

It goes by SO FAST!!! I look at my kids every day and think they can't possibly be as old as they are! Where does the time go?

Lani Wendt Young said...

Everyday i bang my head against uselessly against the ever oncoming onslaught of time...(ok that sounded like a really bad Star Wars prequel) Are your kids taller than you yet? My son is. And my daughter is going to be any minute now.
I hate that my children are growin up. Told my 3yr old Beast, "u need to stop growing!" She looked at me sympathetically and said, "but mama, I have to be big like Dad so i can use his tools and make a castle for us". There is no hope. Even my youngest has her future mapped out.

Stefani said...

My oldest = going to college
My middle = getting driver's license next month
My youngest = finishing up middle school.
Akkkkk! I feel your pain girl.

Ria said...

I'm in the same boat. Zac is getting his license in two weeks and William is also going to Junior High. The only thing that comforts me is, well, nothing. I just have to get through this, if you know what I mean.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I did it for you.

I hate seeing school starting. I don't even have kids starting school.
It's just that I know snow isn't far behind.

Congrats to the driver and it sounds like it's time to get a California King size bed for the long legged boy!

Mom of Three said...

Yeah, we are there and it is scary.