Friday, September 23, 2011

Erasure, The Flex Capacitor, and Beeth-Oven

If you ask most people where they would go if time travel were possible they might say something like, "the Renaissance" or, "the time of Jesus" or perhaps, "1776".  I'm somewhat of an expert on the topic as I used to watch Quantum Leap and have seen Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure at least 4 times, but if you ask me I'm torn; it's a toss up between 1984 and 1991.  1984 because Remington Steele was still on the air and 1991 because I'd really like to ask that one guy I liked why he dated me every weekend for four months and never kissed me, and why he sent me a dozen roses, wrote me all summer after I went home, then came to see me as soon as I got back and suddenly NEVER CALLED AGAIN.  (???)  It's not like I want to go back and marry him or anything, I'd just really like to know.  Was it my mustache?  Was he "playing for the other team" and just really enjoyed my company?  It's a mystery.

At any rate, my husband long ago confided that if he were allowed to travel back in time his choice is clear:  1987.  Or, the year of the stake dance.  Not HIS stake dances mind you, but MY stake dances.  As a teenager my youth group sponsored these dances just about every weekend, and I hardly ever missed.  I have expounded before on my love of dancing, but I may not have been quite as forthcoming about the fact that while I love the dance, the dance does not necessarily love me Cory has heard stories and as such would very much like to witness for himself the social disaster that was Vern in 1987.  I was a dancing fool back in the day, emphasis on the "fool" part, and the one song that got me more excited above all the rest was "Oh L'Amour" by the band Erasure.  I. Loved. Erasure.  I tried desperately back in the day to get our basketball team to use them as our warm up music but our star point guard had leanings toward Chaka Khan, so Chaka Khan it was.  I guess no one cares what the star bench warmer wants.

So yes, I loved them.
Yes, I danced like Gumby getting the electric chair when their music played.
Yes, I went to their concert in the 80's and yes, we looked like Sister Wives on Date Night: (me, my sis, Nicole, and Mike)

Erasure is coming in concert to Denver next week.
No, I'm not going.  I can't give Cory the satisfaction and make it that easy on him, he's going to have to wait for time travel.  Better get crackin' on that flex capacitor babe!  In the meantime, how about those tights?


emily w. said...

I'm seeing Erasure tonight in Austin. I'll clap extra hard for Oh L'Amour just for you. But I won't dance.

Anonymous said...

Vern Vern Vern... but I thought MC Hammer's Can't Touch This was the song of choice for the dancing' fool that you are. And apparently, Drew has inherited the dancing' fool thing from your side of the family although, perhaps that's not correct, since I've seen your parents dance numerous times and they definitely have the moves down. By the way, I think Drew is the king of awesomeness!

On a different note, that fall thing... I love it. I know it won't last long enough. And I most likely will be shoveling snow starting in about 2-3 weeks and lasting until next July, so don't go talking to me about the beach!! LOL

Lorie said...

Would have also made a great Halloween post.

Heather said...

I loved them too! Pretty sure they were the first Gay band... unless I am thinking of the wrong one, but boy were they cute!!!

Vanessa said...

Ha ha....can we talk about how much hairspray was used in the 80's....and what did the hairspray companies do once the hairspray craze passed??

the emily said...

Dude. We had the exact same boyfriend. I'm not even kidding--the no kissing, the flowers, the no-calling after HE TOLD ME HE LOVED ME AFTER TWO WEEKS. I'm not kidding, what was his name?

Stefani said...

I LOVE Erasure too! I saw them in San Francisco in about 1987 (talk about the heart of the nest, yikes). She's taken a hiatus for club-style music, but I got my middle daughter hooked on Erasure for a while. They really are EPIC!
My hubby (more of a 70's man) does a great impression of someone dancing to Erasure. He's gone this morning I might bust out the old CD's and dance while I'm cleaning house today.

(PS. I'm pretty sure my photos, if we had taken any, would have looked just like yours)

Ria's Random Thoughts said...

You were the best bird hand dancer there ever was! You could work those hands like no one else.

I think Cory would have fit right into our dance circles.

Makes me smile.

And that picture?

Sir Cooper said...

I would love the see the hand gestures for "Heart Break Beat" or "I think I love you from head to toe"