Saturday, October 8, 2011

Highs & Lows

Yesterday the high in Colorado was, no, not Ziggy Marley, it was 67 degrees.
The day before that the high was 78.
The day before that the high was in the 80's.
And the 27 days before that the high fluctuated between the 70's and 80's.

Last night it started to snow for the first time this season, and it's still going strong.
Windy, rainy, wet, blustery, side blowing snow.

Tomorrow is forecasted to be in the high 50's with sunshine.
The day after that should hit around 69 degrees, with sunshine.
The day after that Mike Nelson said it should be in the 70's.
Same for Wednesday and Thursday.
And Friday.

I'll let you guess which night Cory had to take Drew camping with the scouts, and which day we had to deliver 320 Yellow Books for the school fundraiser.


Kristi said...

I know it's not nice to snicker but . . . .

violyngirl said...

We rototilled today...that was interesting. Kinda muddy. :) Feeling your pain.

mormonhermitmom said...

We had similar temp drops but with rain. My scoutmaster hubby would have been camping in it if any of his scouts had decided to come. But they didn't and he got to spend that night comfortably at home.

anitamombanita said...

1. stop copying me.
2. I'm glad you're not in the news since who takes their boys camping in the middle of a snowy night? Ha? Who? (sorry that was creepy and morbid)
3. ditto to Krisi's comment...

Still love ya, though. ;) When REAL winter hits we're gonna need a girls' beach, me, Michelle, etc etc etc.

Vern said...

anitamombanita: YES YES YES on the beach getaway! You, me and Michelle? Dude. We would need to warn them we were coming.

Meg said...

we flew into Denver on the 8th from Florida on our way to SLC and the pilot said it was as cold in Denver as Alaska and Siberia!