Saturday, February 4, 2012

"On Little Wings" Winner!

Using Random.Org the winner of "On Little Wings" by Regina Sirois is...lucky #13, "Yarbrough Clan"! Congratulations! Email me at vernmaster at gmail dot com with your contact information and we'll get that out to you ASAP.  If you didn't win and would still like a copy, you can download it to your Kindle for only $2.99 right now through amazon.  $2.99!  That's like choosing between a Gatorade or a full on book (notice I didn't use Diet Coke or chocolate as my examples - I know my audience guys).  Paperback versions are also available for around $10.95. Thanks for the free copy Regina!


Tapper said...

so happy for the winner! Be sure to let me know where to send it and how to sign it.
Some random suggestions:
To a woman who knows no equal in awesomeness.
To the most beautiful, talented person on Earth.
To a rockin' gal who knows a good book when she sees it.
Or whatever floats your boat!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Ya for the winner!

The Yarbrough Clan said...

YA YA YA YA YA!!!!! I'm so excited!! I knew it was going to be me, I am very lucky! I have always loved reading your blog but now I love it even more :) Thank you Vern and thank you Regina!!

Tapper said...

You are so welcome! Please send your address and who you would like it dedicated to to writeme at reginasirois dot com.