Sunday, April 8, 2007

The force is strong with this one

Today is Drew's birthday and we are on our 3rd cake. He's had many celebrations, including a party with friends last Wednesday that nearly drove me to drink. I'm telling you, for someone who has never had alcohol in her life it is awfully tempting to start stashing for such occasions as entertaining ten 7-year-old boys for two hours. I later suggested to my husband that "maybe you need to wrestle with him a little more."

In addition to contemplating the serving of cocktails at future parties with young children in attendance, I was also amused with a short conversation I had with a mom of one of Drew's friends.
"So," she asked. "Do you have any gift ideas for Drew?"
"Well, lightsabers continue to be the object of his affection but I can't imagine that he needs more than the seven that he already owns. I saw a Sponge Bob blanket you could get him."
"It seems that Raphi is really intent on getting him one of those spring-loaded lightsabers. Does he have one of those?"
I started to chuckle and thought, do I tell her the truth? Oh well, why not. "Ummm...technically we DO have one, (pause)'s Cory's and Drew has to ask permission to use it." We both laughed, and Drew got not one but TWO such lightsabers for his birthday. He was thrilled, and it has been nonstop jedi duels ever since.

Keeping with this theme, I came across something today that I had written down from last year. I had been in the midst of creating bulletin boards at the school for each grade area and I tried to get Drew to be excited about his as I showed it to him.
“Look, Drew! The one for Kindergarten is going to be blue!”
“I don’t know, I just thought it would look good.”
“Is it because it matches my pajamas?”
“And because it matches my blue light sabers?”
“That’s exactly right. I wanted your board to match your pajamas and your light sabers.”
Satisfied, he turned and went bounding up the stairs.

Later tonight when I announced that it was time to go to bed my young jedi came over and curled up on my lap - he was asleep within minutes. His whole body no longer fits between my neck and my waist, but I relished the few moments that passed as his form grew heavier with deeper sleep. He may be a sword-wielder by day, but he is still my little boy at night. Happy Birthday little buddy, and may the force be with you.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and funny!

Anonymous said...

He is so dang cute!

Rachel (niece)

Kerri said...

Once again, I get choked up reading your tribute to one of your kids. So sweet. He was so excited to show off that light saber, too.

Rachel said...

Man, I missed all the birthdays...send my regards for a happy birthday and many jedi victories to Drew!

P.S. Does he still battle "with the force" so that his mind control freezes you in your tracks mid-battle, conveniently allowing him to then cut off all your appendages with the lightsaber? Because those were always my favorites. I liked when my babysitting job was just to roll around the yard making dying noises...

Anonymous said...

no, but whenever we approach an automatic door at a store he sticks out his hand as if it's "the force" magically opening it up

Lizina said...

Keep up the good work.