Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let's Hear It For The Boy

My husband and I have this game we play that’s called “Kristy Can’t Win A Bet Against Cory To Save Her Life”. I am rendered speechless when it comes to trying to explain this phenomenon, but my record is so staggeringly pathetic that it has become a running joke. While I have learned not to set the stakes too high on my part, there seems to be this unrelenting part of me that continues to bet him and goes on to think I will finally win.

A few weeks ago I came home and Cory was trying to explain an American Idol performance that I missed. “She sang a song called Dancing In The Streets,” he reported. “Oh yeah, that’s from the movie ‘Footloose’,” I said. “What? Nooooo,” he said. We went back and forth, and determined that perhaps the song that was sung on American Idol was not the one I was talking about, BUT! I maintained that there was DEFINITELY a song from “Footloose” called “Dancing In The Streets”.

An evil grin overcame his lips as he asked, “Wanna bet?”

OOOhhh, I’ve got him this time. “Footloose”? He’s going to bet me on “Footloose”? I mean, come on! Who knows the details of that movie better than someone who spent not very many weekends as a teenager going on dates but plenty of hours watching Kevin Bacon dance through the structures of a warehouse making residents of Lehi, Utah feel important?

“Heck yeah, I’ll bet you. I’m so winning this one Cory. This is the END of my losing streak!!!” I practically ran to the computer to do a search on iTunes to look up the results of “Footloose Soundtrack”. Cory stood over my shoulder, equally curious to see if he would lose and have to cook dinner all week. Because he doesn't even have to believe in the causes for which he bets anymore, this is just a game to him. The results came up and I scrolled down, “Here we go, Let’s Hear It For The Boy…Holding Out For A Hero…Almost Paradise…a-HA!! Here it is! Dancing In The…NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

The song from “Footloose”, in case you haven’t already figured it out from your own adolescent recollection, is called Dancing In The SHEETS. Unbelievable! How could I forget that? So the score of our betting history is now something like Cory - 427 and Kristy – 2. I remain undeterred in my quest and I swear I'm going to win one soon. You've all heard that if you want to win big, you first have to lose big, right? While that's really bad advice for just about any circumstance in life, particularly for compulsive gamblers, I'm still hoping that my big win is just around the corner. I'm just waiting for that perfect opportunity. Such as last night... (to be continued…)


Rachel said...

you could bet him that I won't find a job before I graduate. I'm fairly certain you'll win that one. odds are in your favor by a magnitude of about 1000 to 1. and even if you should happen to lose, you'll be filled with the warm rosy glow that comes from knowing that I won't live in my parent's house forever...

who says that those who aren't gainfully employed can't help society function? I am on a quest to help you win!

Anonymous said...

You could bet Cory that China won't speed up! That has got to be the surest bet this side of anything! Hang in there and you will eventually get him!

Paige said...

We have the same kind of thing with ice cream. If ever we get ice cream (not very often, but it does occasionally happen), Ryan's flavor always tastes better than mine. Always.

Anonymous said...

Tell Cory, I knew both the soundtrack, and the right title. I will always dominate at Name That Tune - especially if we are talking about 80s pop. I'll bet him....