Monday, April 16, 2007

Why we might be making root beer floats for the next two weeks

[continued from last post...] So, Saturday night we went out to dinner as a family. Toward the end of our meal I reached over to take a sip of Drew’s root beer and announced, “Ooh, that’s A&W. You don't normally get that from the fountain." Cory stared at me in amazement and said, “You mean to tell me that after one sip of Drew’s soda you know that it’s A&W?” “Yep,” I replied with confidence. Then I went on to explain, “A&W is my favorite root beer, and it has a very distinctive taste from all the others.” [Enter: Cory’s sinister grin] “Wanna bet?”

He proceeded to explain his elaborate plan detailing that this would be a 2-part bet. First, we were betting on whether I was right about Drew’s drink. Second, on our way home we would stop at the grocery store, load up on several brands of root beer and conduct a taste test to see if I could detect A&W from the rest. “Cake walk,” I boasted. The waitress returned to clear some plates and I asked, “Excuse me, could you tell me what brand of root beer this is?” “Oh of course,” she responded. “It’s MUG.”

“NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” I yelled as my hands slapped the table and I looked at her in total disbelief. She was taken aback by my reaction and stammered, “Oh, sorry, um, I could go double check….” Cory was laughing his butt off.

After spending eight dollars on four brands of root beer at the store we came home for part 2. Cory labeled and lined up the cups and invited me into the kitchen. All I had to do was identify the A&W – if I could also name the others correctly, he agreed to cook dinner every night this week. I sailed through the first part, but failed in getting all of them correct thus squelching my dreams of a culinary bonus. Perhaps it’s time to put my gambling ways behind me for good.

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That is sooo Cory.