Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

"My mother tried to kill me when I was a baby. She denied it. She said she thought the plastic bag would keep me fresh."
–Bob Monkhouse

"Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry."
– Bill Cosby

The first day home from surgery, Drew and I sat at breakfast and he seemed upset. [Note: The fact that he was sitting up anywhere eating regular food was a major deal – he has recovered a thousand times better than last time and might I add, he has refused any and all remedies for pain. This might actually speak more to his disdain for medicine than his threshold for pain, but still! Anyway, back to the story.]
“What’s the matter buddy?”
His bottom lip started to quiver as he began to cry and then managed to say, “I want my daddy and my sissy.”
With Cory back at work and Samantha at school, it seemed apparent that the rest of us had moved on with our regular routines but he was still in need of everyone’s company.
“Would you like to call Daddy at work and talk to him?”
He managed a silent nod. Cory wasn’t in his office, so Drew had to leave a message: “Hi Daddy, I just wanted to call because…well…I just missed you. Bye.” A very short time later the phone rang to return Drew’s call, and they talked for a few minutes. He seemed to feel better afterward, and we moved on with our day.

So yesterday it came as no surprise that Drew made another request to call Cory at work. Again he had to leave a message, and again Cory called back within minutes. I handed Drew the phone and then walked to the other side of the room to continue getting ready for our morning. “Hi Daddy. I just wanted to call because…well…I need some more ideas for Mother’s Day. I mean I usually get flowers, but I was thinkin’ maybe some clothes, or some rings, or a necklace or something. Do you have any other ideas?”

I raised my eyebrows and peered over my shoulder at the boy on the other side of the room, discussing presents for me with his dad. He sat on the bed and was quiet while Cory took his turn in the conversation, and Drew responded with an occasional “OK”. I continued to stare in silent admiration of my two boys as they carried on. Then I could tell the conversation was about to conclude as I heard Drew respond, “I love you too Daddy.”

Looks like Mother’s Day came a little early for me this year. Though I have to say the idea of jewelry sounds intriguing.


Anonymous said...

How adorable!!!! He is such a cutey.

Rachel (niece)

Randi said...

That is so sweet. It's moments like that that just make it worth it!

(To answer your question I am in Columbine Stake. I'm pretty new to this blogging thing - is there a way to get your email address without your having to post it to the world?)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little man! No wonder, he comes from such a GREAT mom!!!!

Kerri said...

How sweet! He looks so much healthier this time around, too. Loved Sam's remark in the booklet from the Primary kid's comments. Too cute.