Saturday, May 5, 2007

Music To My Ears?

I’m all for my children spreading their wings and learning new skills, and that’s why I have been so supportive of Samantha’s interest in taking up flute lessons. But allow me to define “supportive” in the world of Kristy, because when I say supportive what I mean is “here’s your money, now make my daughter into a flute playing genius – I’ll be over here reading a magazine.” But as we arrived at Samantha’s first lesson and I began to settle down on the comfy living room couch, her teacher motioned me to a different room with the both of them and proceeded to explain her “Suzuki method” of teaching. (Author’s note: Is there anybody else out there who thinks people just make this stuff up? Because it’s my personal theory that if you take any kind of Asian word and tack on “method” at the end that suddenly we believe we are learning a more enlightened way. Add onto that a little indoor fountain and I might be praying to you before long.) Pretty soon I was raising my hands in the air and learning to spit rice from the end of my tongue off her front porch.

But this is the beauty of Samantha. You know how most parents have to nag and nag their children minute after doggone minute to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!?? Not Samantha. She is taking off like a rocket and practicing all the time. But that is why I find myself in my current dilemma and have to ask, how many times am I required to listen to “Hot Cross Buns” and “Go Tell Aunt Rhodie” before I start moving my things into the basement? And not only is she playing ALL THE TIME but she has taken it upon herself to teach Drew whatever she is learning on his recorder. Have mercy. One thing's for sure, I definitely have some choice words for Aunt Rhodie.


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful thing! We have the same kind of stuff going on in my house, except to add the piano students songs that I am teaching as well. It gets better when they can do duets of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter!

Kerri said...

Be grateful she really wants to learn it. Rachel loved flute until her teacher told her she should take up guitar and write her own songs. I told her she still has to learn flute, at least through grade school. Then we can look at the guitar situation. Sigh.