Saturday, May 26, 2007

You Give Love A Bad Name

Is it a sign of poor parenting if your son walks around singing this Bon Jovi song? Ever since we watched an American Idol contestant sing his version during the competition a couple of weeks ago, Drew has had it stuck in his head. Since then he has been heard belting it out while cleaning his room, playing Game Cube, and getting ready for church. Granted, his 7-year-old interpretation insists that the words are "shot through the heart, and YOU'RE TOO LAME" because he swears it makes more sense. Either way, somebody's giving love a bad name.


Anonymous said...

I wondered why my 6 year old knew that song, and she said her friend sings it. This was before it was on American Idol. Not really a song for little people, is it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not so much.

Anonymous said...

now its stuck in my head...thanks heaps

Rachel (neice)