Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Coming home from the fireworks, we were stuck in traffic that was loosely being controlled by police officers who I swear would have been more effective if they had been distracted by the line at Krispy Kreme. Sensing the wait, Drew moaned:

D: How loooong is it going to take to get hooome?
Kristy: Hey, no whining. How about, ‘THANKS Mom and Dad for taking us to see fireworks. THANKS Mom and Dad for coming early so we could get a good spot and play for an hour with our friends before the fireworks started. And THANKS for bringing us lightsticks to play with in the dark while we waited and for taking us to the movies earlier today.’”
Samantha: Uhhh…how ‘bout we just stick with “Thanks.”


Anonymous said...

Yep, those children are so appreciative, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I SWEAR I just had this EXACT conversation with Trevor earlier today! Is there something in the water? Oh wait, we're on different water systems now. What could it be....

Kerri said...

I'm just relieved mine's not the only one.