Monday, July 30, 2007

The Meal Deal

Like I said, men are simple. My Dad is no exception, and I love him to death for it. But there are instances when less is not necessarily more. For example, my siblings and I are in the midst of planning a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for my parents. [Feel free to offer a little cyber-applause for two people who didn't just manage to stay together but who hold hands more than Cory and I do.] Anyway, I had an idea regarding the food issue at hand (i.e., "How do we feed more than 300 people a full course meal without spending $8000?") so I called home to share my idea with the guests of honor, and my Dad answered.

"So Dad, what would you guys think about this for the dinner...."
"Oooh, Kris, I have an idea. This could be fun. You know Subway has these six foot long subs...."
He was totally serious.
"Sooo, when's Mom gonna be home again?"
Mom, I had forgotten, was across the country helping my sister move back across the country. My sister just had a baby a week ago. C-section. She is 44. [Cue more cyber-applause.] And did I mention she's moving? Across the country? With three kids ages 12-18, a two week old baby, one dog, one husband, and my sister with a stitched up abdomen from Connecticut to Arizona? You can see why my mom flew out to help.
"...and you know what else could be cool is we could maybe shape the sandwiches into the number 50...."
I began openly teasing him and he laughed along, but I promise you that if I had said, "That's brilliant!" we would be hiring 3 high-schoolers to cater my parents anniversary party. With mayo and sides of Sun Chips.

I'm hoping we can do a little better than that.


Heather said...

Nothing like eatin' fresh to commemorate 50 years of marital bliss!!

Kerri said...

Okay, I laughed and laughed at these last few entries. Maybe it's sleep deprivation, maybe it's the aftermath of internet withdrawal now that we are up and running again. Oh, and now I know where Rachel came up with the statement, "Other than clothes for my Build-a-Bear, I just want moon sand." Eh, thanks.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Subway...Eat fresh baby!