Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let's Talk Radio

I like to listen to a particular morning show on the radio, and every day at the end of their show they have a contest to see who can be the best "last caller of the day". People can call in and talk about whatever they want and the person who they find the most entertaining wins a prize. I decided to give it a try. I called in and told the story about setting off a secret alarm in a mall jewelry store and didn't realize it until the police showed up, quarantined the entire clientele of the mall to the other end, and drew their guns. It's a good story. There were three other "last callers" whose stories were weak so I thought I had this contest in the bag. I grabbed a piece of paper to write down the information I would need to claim my prize and they started to vote. The first person said they thought my story was the best. Sweet! I wonder what I won! Then the other host chimed in and swayed the rest of the crew to vote for another woman whose husband gets squirmy over eye goop. I lost to an eye booger. Three seconds after disconnecting from the airwaves my phone rang and Ganelle, who had apparently heard me on the air yelled, "YOU WERE ROBBED!!" She's totally right.

On a different day and a separate station I heard the worst radio contest ever. The deal was that if you were the right caller you would give them your weight, and then you would win that many pounds of frozen tuna. Seriously? Just when I thought there would be a contest to favor chubbier people and all they've got is tuna. Who wants to win that contest?


JustRandi said...

I can't believe I totally missed that!!!
And you WERE robbed! But they give those prizes to the stupidest stories for the stupidest reasons lately. An eye booger?
Seriously. They could do WAY better!

Anonymous said...

Is the story true because I have never heard it. Please tell all.


kristy said...

boliver: True Story!! My sister worked at this store and we stopped by one day on her day off to visit her boyfriend, the manager. He totally had to cover for me because if the cops had found out that they let a 15-year-old sit behind the desk with the secret alarm, he would have been in BIG trouble. To this day I don't even really know what he said to the cops. I still remember peeking out the entrance of the store and seeing the hundreds of mall-goers backed up!

Paige said...

Um, I would probably be still calling in on the tuna contest. Only I wouldn't tell my current weight. I'd probably use my driver's license weight or some other lie like that. but yes, you were robbed. That's happened to me before--many times. i think I have the best story, and they pick someone else.