Wednesday, November 28, 2007

40 Things I love about Cory on his 40th Birthday

Even though we've already celebrated, today is the actual day. Happy Birthday Studly.

1. His favorite way to drink water is to fill his cup with ice, add water, and then let it sit until all the ice is melted. This way the water is perfectly cold and the ice doesn’t get in his way when he drinks it.
2. He comes home from work early so he can play baseball with Drew before it gets dark
3. He can ride his bike for 78 miles
4. Over three Colorado mountain passes
5. He goes into the other bathroom in the morning to blow dry his hair so he doesn’t wake me up – his idea.
6. He did a face mask with me once, just to see what it was like
7. He let kids throw jell-o at him during a church activity
8. He never complains about taking parent duty so that I can do something fun with friends
9. Come to think of it, Cory hardly ever complains about anything
10. He works hard
11. He ate crawdads with my nephews, eel in Solvang, and squid heads in China
12. He is honest
13. He likes practical jokes
14. He doesn’t worry about what other people think of him
15. If it hadn’t been for him, we never would have gone to Israel
16. We had been married one year when I had surgery that resulted in 13 staples up my abdomen. I got sick one morning, and when he heard me throwing up he instinctively ran to the bathroom and pressed his hand against my stomach for support so it wouldn’t hurt as bad.
17. He is not afraid to say he’s sorry
18. He does our taxes
19. When Drew was 7 months old Cory took him on a weekend trip by himself to visit his ailing grandmother in California. It was her first introduction to Drew, and her last visit with Cory.
20. He has a strong moral compass
21. For Mother’s Day one year he spent THREE HOURS making me a salad out of the Martha Stewart magazine – he learned the hard way that Martha was going to make him roast and peel his own peppers and grow his own cilantro – we ate at 8:00 pm – it was the best salad I’ve ever had
22. His hugs diffuse my stress
23. He reads my blog
24. And not because I ask him to
25. The letters he wrote while we dated almost always included a reference to MacGyver as well as secret messages written and hidden under the stamp
26. He wants secret passageways in his dream house
27. He compliments me on a good hair day
28. He still laments the day that “Land of the Lost” was taken off the air without warning
29. Anyone who spends an evening with the youth at church learning a hip hop routine and then comes home to show it to me deserves nothing less than my affection
30. He is always warm, a nice bonus during winter months
31. Through thick and thin, he is not critical of me and shows that he loves me no matter what
32. I find this remarkable
33. He is the fun parent
34. He lets me paint and decorate the house however I want
35. Whenever there is a drawing, raffle or contest, he always expects to win (which he often does) and if he doesn’t, he is genuinely surprised
36. It took me a LOT longer to feel ready for marriage than it did for him, but he never pressured me
37. He can hang with geeks AND athletes
38. He waltzed with my Grandma on our wedding day
39. He sang to Michael Jackson and Madonna at a Chinese karaoke bar
40. He asked me for forever


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a pretty incredible guy!

Anonymous said...

The most important is #40. I would do it all over again.

Anonymous said...

Let me mention one "negative" about Cory. I just scrolled down to the Hawaii blog and am a little aghast at the audacity of posting those pictures so the rest of our wives can see what we should have taken them to do before turning 40. You should be ashamed. (p.s. Thanks for taking good care of my sister)

Heather said...


Anonymous said...

Cory Happy Birthday from your little sister who your kids only know by the nickname you gave me when I was 7. How cool is that. After reading Kristy's blog it had me crying and thinking how lucky I am for a great brother.

Love ya Boliver

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday, Cory! Kristy, you are very lucky. But I know you know that (and so does everyone else with this post).

Anonymous said...

Aaaaahhhh, how special even though he's bit quirky. You forgot to say that he makes an AMAZING "Napolean Dynamite". Sounds like his only fault is not being on time to the birth of his "first born"....not too bad considering the rest of his attributes. HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, CORY!

Anonymous said...

I just learned last week that my cousin's husband works for a company that designs secret passageways and rooms in homes. Yep, there is such company, Cory is apparently not the only person with this desire.