Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Facts

I've been "tagged" in the blogosphere to share a few random facts about myself - one asked for 6 items, the other for 7. So I compromised and chose 8. If you do not feel better about yourself after reading this then I am powerless to help you. Here you go:

1. I have signed my Congressman’s name hundreds (thousands?) of times – a skill I acquired during a summer internship on Capitol Hill
2. The left side of my chin is still partially paralyzed from when I had my wisdom teeth pulled
3. I know all the words to the “Xanadu” soundtrack
4. I had two Navajo foster brothers growing up. One was awesome, the other stole money from my brothers and caught me dancing in front of a full length mirror in my Dolphin shorts, an incident I didn’t live down until he left.
5. I was in a TV commercial with Ed Greene, one of Denver’s news station weather gurus
6. Once when riding in a car with my friends I began singing along earnestly to “Almost Paradise” on the radio. I thought I sounded good. My friend Kara was massaging her temples when she asked me to stop, unable to hide the edge in her voice. I still sing out loud to the radio, whether I sound good or not. Except now I know that it’s most likely “not”.
7. My first job was cleaning light fixtures in a light store on Saturdays. The only reason they hired me was because it had been my sister's job, and she was leaving. They hoped I might be as great as she was. They were disappointed, but never said so out loud. And yes, ALL of the lights. In the whole store.
8. Face, torso, arms, back, head, left leg, then right leg. I dry off in this order after a shower every day.

I now tag "kizz", kerri, ginger, lorie, and "madame mim".


Cannons said...

I don't get it!?!

kristy said...

lorie: your job is now to post 7 (or 8) random facts about yourself on YOUR blog. it could be your very first post!

ganelle said...

Can I share random facts I know about you? Um, let's see, so many things to share:

9. You've had tics. We can have an entire conversation about HOW you got tics if ya want...
10. You have eaten a thing of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting. (Let's not talk about what I have eaten, Dom & Jane sure didn't want to.)
11. You once thought Oprah wanted you on her show.
12. How many boys did you kiss before you got married? I just can't remember...

So many things I could share... Anyone have anything else to add?

Kerri said...

Meh, thanks.

Heather said...

HOlY Cow... thanks for the updates ganelle. Now lets start expounding on those "VERN"

Anonymous said...

Uh OK, but I don't have that long of a list of people to tag. It is good to know that after 11 years of friendship there are still things I didn't know about you!

Kristy said...

ganelle: I'd rather say I've eaten a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's than poo. But whatever.

Sherise said...

13. You once walked in on me while I was in the bathroom. In my own apartment. When I didn't even know you were there.