Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sneak Peek

In a period of twelve hours we spent the day in Wyoming, had lunch in Montana, and spent the night in Idaho.  The end of our two week road trip is coming near, and you've only a few days left to submit your ugly picture for our contest.  I even asked the bison in Yellowstone if he wanted to participate as he looked to be in an exceedingly foul mood (think Eeyore at a bar with Simon Cowell), but he declined.  It doesn't need to be the same for you - don't delay!  In the meantime, here's a glimpse of our recent adventures.

Awesome View - Jenny Lake/Grand Teton National Park

Best New Discovery:  Mrs. Powell's Cinnamon Rolls

I don't know Mrs. Powell personally, but I am pretty sure she and I were BFF's in the pre-existence.  Not because we share the same culinary expertise, but because I'm certain I would have sucked up to her.  The fact that she serves EXTRA FROSTING with her rolls only shows as further evidence that she knew me before.  I'm hoping we can become pen pals, and by pen pals I mean I hope she writes me soon to say, "Good news, I'm opening a store in Denver."

Our Favorite Spot In Yellowstone:

I felt bad for whoever was driving this car because let's face it, their dream is probably never going to come true:

What?!  The Mammoths get their OWN?

And here's Samantha saying 'bye for now!  Remember, somewhere in the archives of your photo albums lies a picture that makes you grateful you're not famous for fear it would one day be plastered on the big screen during your interview on "Ellen".  Since you're NOT famous, what do you say we plaster it HERE?  Send your pics to me quick at: vernmaster at gmail dot com.  Ciao for now!


lynette said...

well, i for one only take amazing pictures. see for yourself:

just call me jo said...

Yeah, Idaho!! Say hello for me.

Meg said...

It was so much fun having you guys up here.

Jen said...

You don't know me -- I'm a friend of Ganelle's who came over to vote for her truly ugly picture. :) I couldn't resist commenting on the Mrs. Powell's post. I lived in IF in high school and worked there as my after school job. (Yes, we could have as many free cinnamon rolls to eat as we wanted!) Good ol' Mrs. Powell had a son in my grade (yes, she's a real person) and you're right -- her cinnamon rolls are the best. :) Thanks for the reminder to stop by there this summer when we're there!

Devony said...

All those pictures just made me homesick. I have awesome memories (and some fantastic stories) at those places. Glad you could enjoy my old stomping grounds.