Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Contest! With A Prize!

It feels important to me that even though I'll be road tripping it for a while that you all continue to entertain me.  Your challenge is this:  submit some of your worst photos.  They don't necessarily have to be "professional" pictures, but something that showcases the likes of a very bad hair day, unfortunate fads of the time, or perhaps sheer neglect.  I've never done a contest before because it's usually only the really cool blogs with sponsors who can give away great stuff that do it.  But I don't care about "usually", so I'm going to give it a whirl.  Your prize may not be as cool, but still.  It's Wednesday, you couldn't possibly have anything better to do.
So.  Here's the deal.

THE CONTEST:  Submit Your Best (Worst?) Ugly Photo
  • DON'T send me anything inappropriate (you know who you are and you know what I mean)
  • DO send me photos with mullets and headgear (not necessarily together, but hey, even better!)
  • Email to me at:  vernmaster at gmail dot com
  • Deadline:  Sunday, July 4th
  • I will post the finalists and then YOU GUYS will vote for the winner
THE PRIZE:  $10 Gift card to Chili's, Starbucks, or Olive Garden and a postcard from Montana
(Dear Ganelle: I know how you love Olive Garden - may I suggest you submit the one with your ringlets and thick, green glasses from the 50's? Not that I will pay you any bias, but I want you to have a fighting chance.)

And just to show you that I'm a team player I will get y'all started.  I give you my class photo from 1st Grade:

Man I loved that dress.  And to think that only one year later Jeremy in Mrs. Johnson's class would want to sit next to me and hold my hand. 

Ready?  Don't disappoint me people, I am counting on you.  GO!


Anonymous said...

My new drivers license photo is SO bad I am sure I would win hands I don't think I will submit it and let your friends have a, MOM

Jillybean said...

I never had a mullet, may I send a picture of my brother?

Does the picture have to be of someone we know? Can I send you the photo that my kids took at the Grand Canyon of some random guy's mustache?

Vern said...

jillybean: preferably a picture of you or someone you know, although I would love to see the Grand Canyon 'stache. Send it to me for fun anyway!

Vern said...

mom: you're beautiful.

Rachey said...

hmm, I definitely have some good ones. I'll try to not be lazy and actually submit them.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Oh mannnnn this is gonna be good! i have to admit I think you look darling in that picture! I have a picture with all of my sisters in matching red shirts, bandanas and boy did we think we looked good. I look like a still stings!