Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm not a very big deal, but Sue is

Blog giveaways are a nice way to get free stuff; or so I've heard. One time I scored a set of IKEA kitchen utensils from a blog giveaway, but that's about as far as I have been able to get. My other blog used to give away a bunch of cool stuff but I was never eligible, so instead we would give our readers things like season passes to Thanksgiving Point and spa treatments and I'd have to sit at home, read about the winner and go, "Yay, winner!" when what I really wanted to do was create a fake login so I could try and win it myself. But I didn't, because if I'm going to go to hell for cheating I'd like to score something better than a massage out of it.

The other thing I've noticed about blog giveaways is the more popular the blog, the cooler the stuff. Which is why if I did a giveaway it would be like, "Leave a comment and enter to win ALL THE GUM WE JUST SCRAPED OFF UNDER THE MIDDLE SCHOOL DESKS! Leave TWO comments and we'll throw in a BUMPIT! Already used by the cast of 'Jersey Shore', but STILL! A BUMPIT!" Which is why you should stick to blog giveaways on really good blogs, like Sue's. First up for grabs over there is a Targus 16" laptop backpack. Second on the list of possibilities: An HP Compaq Mini CQ10 Series Notebook. I KNOW! So, go check it out if you want to enter to win. I would love to be all supportive and say "Good Luck - I hope you win!" but the truth is I'm really hoping I get it, which is why I'm posting this link because it increases my chances. Nothing personal.


Emily said...

It totally worked for me -- I won the last one (the $150 in gift cards!) and I blogged about it. So I didn't enter this one, but I sort of wish now that I had waited....anyway. Good luck to you.

superpaige said...

Ha! You KNOW I'm going to win, don't you? I wish it were that easy, but thanks for the head's up.