Wednesday, January 5, 2011

While The Rest Of You Are Making Resolutions

For breakfast this morning I had a Slim Fast shake.

And a cookie.

Fine.  Two cookies.

I talked to my mom on the phone.
I talked to a woman from church on the phone.
I talked to a woman who is moving here and wants to go to my church on the phone.
I talked to myself, because sometimes I make good conversation.
"Hello self!"
"Hi there.  How are you?"
"Fine thanks.  You sure look incredible today."
"Why thank you.  I guess that colon cleanse really works."

By then I was ready for a snack.

I had half a grapefruit.

And a cookie.


Two cookies.

Is it almost time for lunch?


ellen said...

I don't know if it's time for lunch but it's always time for a cookie. Happy New Year!

Annette said...

I can soooo relate!!!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...


Stefani said...

As I sit here and eat a bag of chips (the family size) and a Little Debbie's S'more cake for lunch... I had a diet soda, that counts right?

Pitterle Postings said...

hmmmm, cookies sound nice. Maybe I should go home and make my favorite.......for the kids of course! Love it.

[Stacia] said...

Yah, being that I'm pregnant (and mostly lazy,) I didn't really see a point in making resolutions...especially concerning food.
Oh, and I fed my kids cookies tonight while I made dinner. Cause I'm that cool.

Kelly said...

There is a reason I try not to make cookies... You just blogged about it.

Carly said...

I promise I read every post, I'm just laughing so hard I forget to comment =)

I miss you. A lot. A lot.

Jill said...

This is making me laugh so hard, because I know it is true.

mormonhermitmom said...

GASP I have no cookies in my house!

Kristi said...

My kids think the Slim Fast can contains milkshake mix, is that bad? Apparently it also tastes good as hot cocoa, yes with a cookie.

Jenn said...

I skipped breakfast. to make up for that I had ice cream for lunch.

Brent Taylor said...

Just grazing from the jar of chocolate covered pomegranates at my desk. Please keep in mind that cookies are food group providing nourishment to the soul. Yes, keep feeding the body healthy things, but don't forge the food pyramid for the soul -- Dreyer's, Dove, Tollhouse and FritoLay.

Brent Taylor said...

This is why I insist that the "holiday season" lasts from Halloween through the Super Bowl. It's about the food. The decorations remaining up and continually playing carols are just a cover.

It is a great thing the new year holds also March Madness (just when withdrawals are becoming what the Lord promised wouldn't be more than we can handle), Easter and the Masters... a lull and then fire up the BBQ cause Memorial Day kicks off the summer holiday season...

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Wait...I thought the cookie diet was all the rage right now no?

p.s. I think you look great!