Monday, January 31, 2011

Cory And I Don't Go To Many Movies Together

I used to think that God was the only one who could be omnipresent, but then last night I turned on the TV and saw Betty White on the SAG awards and a Hallmark movie all at once.  That takes talent.  Now, don't go getting all freaked out thinking I'm putting Betty White and The Big Guy in the same category, because I'm pretty sure The Big Guy would never host Saturday Night Live.  However, Miss White did make me laugh and cry on the same night.

Mercy, it's been a long week.  I say that in an attempt to elicit some understanding so that you'll cut me some slack when I confess that I watched the entire Hallmark movie starring Ms. White and Jennifer Love Hewitt last night...and LIKED it.  It also didn't hurt that this handsome buck played a key role:

His name is Sean Faris and I think he's purty.  Not as awesome as my eternal companion, of course, but I wouldn't mind watching him mow my lawn and bring me a lemonade.  When Cory and I first spotted him in the movie last night we were trying to figure out where we had seen him before.  It finally dawned on us - here is Forever Strong Sean:

This was a great movie, by the way, and not just because my brother helped get it out there.  Except it did help.  Sean is very versatile and has a lot of looks - here is Project Runway Sean:

I like to call this one, Class of 1988 Sean: 

It takes a special kind to look pretty in pink, and I dare say he rivals Molly Ringwald.  Oh, and guess what else?  He does more than frown in pictures- sometimes he flashes ALL of his pearly whites!  I think it's very effective.  Here's his, "I'm Ready To Meet Your Mother" look:

Seriously, I think your mom would be stoked.

The important thing to know here is that this isn't actually a post about Sean Faris, it's a post about watching a Hallmark movie with Cory.  When it became clear that my motive for the evening was to turn off my brain and vacation for a couple of hours on a mind candy movie, Cory sat with me for the first 5 minutes.  He likes to try and be with me, but he has boundaries.  He spent the next hour and a half in the office, then came back for the last twenty minutes as if testing to see if I noticed his absence.  I DID notice, because while he was in the office it was nice and quiet, and then when he came back he was like, "Who is that guy?  Is that the one she married?  What happened to him?  Is he dead or just missing?  Is this a flashback?"  I paused the TV, looked deep into his eyes, told him how much I loved him and asked if I could get him something to drink while I answered all of his questions politely asked him to SHUT UP THIS IS THE BEST PART.  In the final scene a couple is embracing in the front yard when suddenly, their sprinklers turn on - laughter, kissing, and frolicking in the water ensues.

My response:  Silence.
Cory's response:  "Wait a second, how did those sprinklers go on?  It's not like they were on a timer because it was hooked up to a HOSE.  Puh-lease, this is SO illogical."

Oh how I love him.
But sometimes he makes me tired.


Ria said...

That is so funny because I watched that last night by myself. Pete and Zac went to bed. The end was kind of corny.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

He certainly does look like eye candy.
Sorry Cory was such a pain in the patootie. Ya, he shoulda stayed from beginning to end.

I didn't see it, don't have cable but I'm sure I can surf around and have a looksee.

Stefani said...

I wouldn't mind if the post WAS all about Sean Faris. And my hubby's line is go ahead and start, I'll be right there. Well, you can guess what really happens;)

just call me jo said...

I'm tearing up a little. That's so romantic. (I thought we were the only couple who have such smushy-smushy dates...)

Rachey said...

I am the Cory in this relationship. Ryan has a couple of shows that he watches that I think are ridiculous, I like to stop in for a couple of minutes each time and mock them, I just can't help myself. And I also like to point out how unrealistic things are. Maybe Cory and I should watch together and make our snide remarks to each other.

Pitterle Postings said...

Yeah, it is a guy thing. But I am lucky, my husband will watch a chick flick or two without giving me too much grief about it. Maybe it comes with a little age. I loved forever strong. One of my favorite flicks.

Adele said...

love your outlook on life
love Forever Strong
love looking at Sean Faris
love Hallmark movies (when in The Right Mood)
love this post :)

thanks for the laugh!

Jill said...

How come I have never seen this Sean Faris before? See, I miss everything being in Montana.

Lani Wendt Young said...

Love this post! So glad someone else watches movies for the sole purpose of thinking abt how certain individuals would look rather nice - mowing my lawn or serving me lemonade.

Thanks for an enjoyable read.

violyngirl said...

His neck is too thick. Sean's, not Cory's.

Mom and Camera said...

I knew he looked familiar! Thanks for putting it all together for me this morning!!

AlyD said...

I have lots of thoughts on the realism of Star Wars. Should I share those with your spouse?

mormonhermitmom said...

Thank heaven for Hulu (for my hubby) and pbs (for me). We say hi to each other on the way to bathroom breaks.

Boulter trouble said...

I have never heard of him, but you are now the 2nd person in 24 hours that I have seen talk about him. And, about the same Hallmark movie he was in as well. Funny!

Anonymous said...

In forever strong I thought he looked like Tom Cruise. Hmmm?

Vern said...

paige: You just ruined it.

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

I am laugh crying! You are such a spaz! Seriously you make me laugh missy!