Thursday, April 17, 2008

If these walls could talk

If my walls could talk I think my living room might say something like, "Such nice taste in color Kristy has. I'm so happy to be taupe," and I really think my loft/office space identifies with being library red. If my furniture had a voice I think it would say, "How nice to be right by this window to watch the snowfall" or "I just love my cozy spot by the fireplace". I'd like to think the hardwood in my entry and hallway enjoys being the perfect surface to drag the kids over on a blanket, or to serve as the running track when friends are over.

As the newest member of our family, I am more curious about what our new kitchen floor has to say. Specifically, the grout. The grout that was put in, dried, sealed, cracked, dug out, put in again, sealed again, and is now starting to crack again. I can't be sure, but as I was on my hands and knees putting on the second coat of sealant this morning I swear it was contemplating, " to say this are too stupid for this kind of work." Then again, maybe that was me.


ganelle said...

I think it is saying "HA! HA! I'll show YOU what it feels like to be walked on and abused. Let's see how YOU like it!"

Or maybe "What? I wasn't GOOD enough for YOU? Why didn't you like me the way that I was?"

Or maybe "If I just complain and crack enough, maybe you'll start paying more attention to me. All I really want is just a bit of love!"

Or maybe...

OK, I'll stop

Mom of Three said...

Personally, I think all of those little voices that are talking to you are a sign that you REALLY need to get out of your house!