Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Small Talk

I've been taking a few notes lately from some recent conversations and thought I would share a few nuggets. Here goes....

Samantha: Mom, whatcha doin’?
Mom: Trying to fix this stupid, *&!^% thing.
Samantha: Aaaaand, how’s that workin’ for ya?
Samantha took a bite of cookie dough and moaned in approval, “Oh man, this is good stuff.” Drew followed suit, took a bite and then hopped off his chair, and with theatric aplomb declared, “I can WALK! I can SEE!”
Conversation with my sister, who believes that the concept of organization is for other people:

Sister: “Guess what I did? I bought a planner.”
Me: “What?!”
Sister: “And guess what else? I WROTE stuff in it.”
Me: “Get out.”
Me: “Well this is certainly one for the books.”
Cory, on the way home from our friends’ house: “When I was in their bathroom I was flipping through her Martha Stewart magazine, and there was this recipe for this lemon custard crepe thingy. We have GOT to Google that when we get home.”
Me: (…)



Heather said...

How's that workin' out for ya? I love it!! ha ha

ganelle said...

It' good you write this stuff down. They just might not believe you later...

Kiffon said...

Love it. Especially the lemon crepe one! I have that magazine. Would you like a photocopy of the recipe? ;)

Boulter trouble said...

Love the small talk.
I am pretty sure my husband has said the same thing to me about something Martha Stewart....no lie.

Vern said...

beanstocks - YES! because I DID try to google it and couldn't find it!

Marianne & Clayton said...

I want to know more about the miracle cookies. Dang it, now I have to go bake.

rocslinger said...

Miracle cookies, wow.... Will we be seeing you on channel sixty some time soon?